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Wolf and Mermaid

Passionately devoted to designing a brighter future, drenched in colour for conscious beings and wild souls

Founded by artist Eve Hardcastle, Wolf and Mermaid was born out of a love for yoga and design. As a dedicated yogini and designer herself, Eve has blended together yoga and art by creating beautifully designed yoga products that not only look good but feel good and do good.

With a growing desire to seek change in how we consume, all of Wolf and Mermaid’s products are eco-friendly and benefit our beautiful planet. Each collection gives 10% of profits to an environmental cause.

"Wolf and Mermaid is a conscious holistic brand with powerful and colourful artistic designs, built on strength and fluidity. Made for those seeking bright change all our products are eco-friendly made with non toxic dyes and filled 100% organic filling. We are here for the different, the unique, the individuals, for the wolves and the mermaids. Protectors of the planet and colour junkies. Wolf and Mermaid is a way of life and a way of being."

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