Why wear merino Wool


Historically traditional wool has always been warm, but unfortunately it is often thick, heavy and itchy. Synthetics and artificial fibres are lightweight, easy to care for and usually non-itch, but unfortunately they are often poorly insulating, sticky, stinky and highly flammable. Cotton is a gorgeous natural fibre, light and easy to care for, but not always the warmest fabric for the wet, outdoors or for performance sport. Merino Wool is the perfect fibre for comfort and performance - invented by nature and engineered for people.

  • It's comfortably soft and non-itch.
  • It's thin natural fibres make it warm in the cold and cool in the heat.
  • It's light and breathable to prevent clamminess.
  • It's easy to care for, quick drying and perfect for travelling.
  • It has a miraculous ability to warn off smell, so perfect for active wear.
  • It's renewable and biodegradable, which means it is kind on our planet.

Read about how to Care for your Merino clothing.


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