Sheepskin, renewable, sustainable and natural




Sheepskin or Lambskin are the hides of the sheep, tanned and used for products like slippers, coats and gloves. The hides of the sheep are a by-product of what many sheep are reared for.  
Sheepskin is extremely insulating and offers medicinal purposes, which proves it is an excellent choice of fibre for slippers.

Benefits of Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slippers have been footwear favourites for years and years and aside from being exceptionally comfortable - they provide numerous other benefits. 
Sheepskin has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as it has been proven to be hypoallergenic and can help with poor circulation, skin problems and other ailments.

Sheepskin contains lanolin which soothes the skin and promotes healing. It also has anti-bacterial properties which assist in keeping your slippers odour free and able to be worn without socks.

Sheepskin is extremely insulating, which makes sheepskin slippers the ideal choice for keeping your feet warm and comfortable during a long, cold winter. Choosing natural fibres over synthetic fibres is beneficial in terms of warmth, comfort, medicinal factors and sheepskin is also resistant to flame and static electricity.

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Animal Welfare

Our Snugs Slippers are handcrafted in Portugal by a small and traditional family run business.  This is the same for the company where they get their sheepskins from.

We like that the companies we are working with are family run and still traditional in their methods and in the care of their sheep.

All the sheep are farmed in the traditional Portuguese way, roaming free and naturally from pasture to pasture.  Some farms still have the traditional shepherds moving the flocks.
Animal welfare is key to the quality of the wool and sheepskins and is at the forefront of the farms and their livelihoods.

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