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Treat your feet!

Snugs create a range of sheepskin slippers that are hand crafted and hand sewn in Portugal. The slippers are vegetable tanned which means only organic tannins have been used throughout the tanning process (treatment) of the skins. 








What makes Snugs stand our amongst other slippers?

Comfort - Sheepskin is extremely insulating which makes sheepskin slippers the ideal choice for keeping your feet warm and comfortable during the Winter

Health benefits - Aside from being exceptionally comfortable sheepskin slippers provide numerous other benefits: Sheepskin has been proven to be hypoallergenic, promotes healing, is anti bacterial and can help with poor circulation, skin problems and other ailments. 

Natural Fibre - Choosing sheepskin slippers over synthetic slippers is beneficial in terms of warmth, comfort and medicinal factors. Sheepskin is also resistant to flames and static electricity.

No harmful chemicals - All the Snugs sheepskin slippers are vegetable tanned which means organic tannins have been used throughout the tanning process (treatment) of the skins. These veggie tannin compounds are found in many species of plants and have less of an impact on the environment than chrome and synthetic tannins. The slippers are coloured using EU regulated dyes which contain no harmful chemicals

Supporting a small business - Snugs slippers are produced by a small family owned and operated business in Portugal that is run by a husband and wife team including 20 craftspeople. They started in 2001, just the two of them working part time and selling the slippers to local markets and to tourists. Their popularity grew and so did their company and they now sell slippers throughout Europe. The tanning factory is also a small, family run business.

Responsibly Made - Snugs sheepskin slippers are manufactured to a high standard in a factory where environmental issues are at the forefront. They have solar panels working to generate energy for not only them but creating more for the national grid. Their buildings have been built with extra insulation to enable them to conserve heat and keep the energy usage down. In Alcanena they have a water environmental system in place which is a waste water treatment plant that recycles all the water from the tanneries. It is a single processing plant that purifies and recycles the water and wastage from the tanneries which is then released and used again. By re-using this water the tanning industry can limit the impact they have on their local environment. The Portugese are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues and continuously work towards putting in place procedures to lessen their impact on the environment and communities 

By product - The sheepskins used are from a merino breed that have thrived in Portugal for centuries. The sheep are grazed naturally on large open farms and roam freely. All the slippers are made using only skins that are a by-product of the farming industry

Environmentally friendly packaging - All snugs slippers are packaged in reusable ethically produced, chlorine free 100% cotton bags



A by-product of the farming industry the sheepskin is used to create the slippers. The skins are vegetable tanned and coloured using EU regulated dyes. Durable and lightweight EVA soles are used.

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