Nature Shop stock a great range of slippers for the whole family!

We stock 100% Sheepskin slippers by our own brand Snugs. Hand crafted and hand sewn in Portugal the Snugs slippers are amazing quality and are dyed using only Vegetable tannins. The slippers are produced by a small family run company in Alcanena, Portugal, which is the main hub of the tanning industry in Portugal.

We also stock a range of brightly coloured felted wool slippers by EGOS. These slippers are extremely popular with customers looking for something a bit different. The EGOS slippers are hand crafted and hand sewn in Nepal using raw wool from New Zealand. 

For ladies looking for more of a boot we have a range of Bearpaw sheepskin boots which have a proper sole, perfect for if you're looking for the warmth of a slipper while outdoors this Winter! 

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