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Snugs Sheepskin Slippers

Nature Shop UK are stockists of premium quality sheepskin slippers from Snugs that are hand crafted and hand sewn in Portugal. Produced using only the best quality Portuguese sheepskins, our selection of sheepskin slippers will provide your feet with superb warmth and luxurious comfort. 

Snugs are produced by a small family run company in Alcanena, Portugal, which is the main hub of the tanning industry in Portugal.  All Snugs Sheepskin Slippers that Nature Shop UK stock have been vegetable tanned, which means natural organic tannins have been used throughout the tanning process (treatment) of the skins. These (veggie) tannin compounds are found in many species of plants and have less of an impact on the environment than chrome and synthetic tannins.

The sheepskins used are from a Merino breed that have thrived in Portugal for centuries.
The sheep are grazed naturally on large open farms and roam freely, moving within flocks from pasture to pasture.

Nature Shop also stock fantastic Egos felted wool slippers that are handmade in Nepal.  
These are 100% hand felted and hand sewn by artisans in Nepal, with such time and care, that only 2 pairs are made per person each day. They are made from natural wool, with a soft suede sole, making them breathable, warm and super comfortable.
Egos are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation 

Why wear Sheepskin or Wool Slippers?

Sheepskin & wool slippers have been footwear favourites for years and years and aside from being exceptionally comfortable - they provide numerous other benefits. 
Sheepskin has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as it has been proven to be hypoallergenic and can help with poor circulation, skin problems and other ailments.

Sheepskin contains lanolin which soothes the skin and promotes healing. It also has anti-bacterial properties which assist in keeping your slippers odour free and able to be worn without socks.

Sheepskin is extremely insulating, which makes sheepskin slippers the ideal choice for keeping your feet warm and comfortable during a long, cold winter.  Choosing natural fibres over synthetic fibres is beneficial in terms of warmth, comfort, medicinal factors and sheepskin is also resistant to flame and static electricity.

How to care for your sheepskin slippers.


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