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Rockfish Wellies

Started in 2008 in Cornwall, UK, Rockfish combine the Cornish rural countryside with the hip British fashion culture, to make the cool British affordable luxury welly.

Marketed as the all round welly boot, perfect for all things 'horsey', 'farming' and 'day to day' welly wear, Nature Shop are big fans of these gorgeous natural rubber wellies.  What stands out for us is the high quality, high rubber content and the comfort.  These wellies are a contoured fit and truly mould to your feet, giving you a wellie that is not only functioning perfectly like it should (keeping your feet dry), but being super comfortable while doing so.

We like the ethics behind the Rockfish brand and the transparency throughout their supply chain.  They're intent on making their brand the number one welly brand, whilst keeping integrity and responsibility at the forefront as they do it.

Rockfish Wellies vulcanised rubber boots are hand-made, with rubber formulations optimised for resistance to cracking, which is the No1 cause of premature failure in rubber footwear.  Natural Rubber has to be modified in order for it to “cure” properly, Rockfish use the absolute minimum of synthetic polymers in order to achieve this. Rockfish balance their Environmental Conscience with Product Longevity, premature failure is wasteful and damaging to the environment, since you may have to buy several pairs of low quality boots, to match the service life of Rockfish Wellies. Rockfish Wellies, use more than 90% sustainable materials in every pair.

Rockfish specialise in producing high performance boots that are designed for use in horsey places, being resistant to acids associated with the equestrian environment.

The Rockfish factory in China is ISO14000 accredited, which means to us:

The factory is proactive in environmental management including processes and performance measurements related to sustainability across the supply chain.
The factory has a formal environmental management system incorporating the supply chain.
It has a higher level of waste reduction, sustainable practices and cost efficiently than a non ISO registered plant and this is throughout their supply chain.
They have a high code of conduct in regards to staff and the treatment of staff and ISO registered plants are proven to have fewer employee health problems and safety incidents.  The factory will have a positive relationship between staff, training, monitoring systems and performance.

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