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Jackets, Waterproof suits, Waterproof leggings, Raincoats, Wellies.........we have everything you need for the rain!

No matter the weather, you can still get kitted up and get outside!  Don't let a little bit of rain stop you from fresh air and getting out amongst the elements!
We all know how better you feel when you get outside and get moving! You dont have to be climbing mountains or running marathons, any activity is great and this combined with being outside has so many benefits. Revive yourself and your kids by getting the right gear on, making sure you are comfortable and enjoy the outdoors.

The Didriksons waterproofs are fantastic at keeping the kids warm and dry, which we all know makes for a fun time outside. There will be no moaning about being cold or wet when you kit them up in the right gear for the elements.  Check out the Midjeman Pants, the Babu Jackets and the Splashman Boots.  Or if you want the entire waterproof coverage then check out the amazing Waterman and Boardman Sets, these are sure to keep your little ones cosy and dry.  One fantastic thing about the kids Didriksons gear is that it is 100% Windproof and Waterproof and it has 'Extend Size', which means when they grow, you can extend the seams on the garments to get that extra wear out of it.  Then of course, you can pass it on down to your next child, friend or cousin......that's what we do here at Nature Shop, wear, wear, wear and when it fits no more, you pass it on to the next lucky kid!

Check out our gorgeous Women's Thelma Jackets and the Men's Emil and Hjalmar Jackets from Didriksons, 100% Waterproof and Windproof, 100% PFC-Free (so kinder on the environment), stylish, comfortable and all amazing quality!

Our Natural Rubber Wellies from Rockfish are fantastic quality, super comfortable and with their contoured fit, they mold with your foot and rather than feel loose and chunky like so many other Wellies, they are ultra comfortable and easy to wear.

For the kids we have the Natural Rubber Splashman Boots from Didriksons, these are super cute!  Amazing quality as always by Didiksons, well priced and match them with the Babu Jackets and watch your kids have the best time in the rain!


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