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Vegetable tanned shoes made by artisans in Italy


When Gigi Perinello founded Ragioniamo con i piedi in 2008 he had noticed that big brands had slowly been passing their production to countries with low cost labour and selecting lower quality and more harmful materials. The main focus for these brands had become reducing their manufacturing costs, while quality and well-being had been placed in the background. Gigi wanted to prove that it was still possible to create a highly successful footwear brand while keeping quality at the forefront





Ragioniamo con i piedi shoes are produced entirely in Verona, Italy and made by small and qualified local artisan manufacturers. All their shoe models are selected, designed, prototyped and tested by Ragioniamo con i piedi to ensure they are handcrafted to the highest standard and quality.


What makes Ragioniamo con i piedi shoes different?

- They only use vegetable tanned leather meaning your shoes are free from harmful chemicals. Better for your body and the planet!

- The materials used guarantee excellent sweat absorption and the removal of bad odours and are great for sensitive skin

- Resistant and durable. Because the shoes are handcrafted with care and designed to be of extremely high quality, most customers get four to five years wear.

- Repairable and resolable. When your shoes do eventually show signs of wear, Ragioniamo con i piedi will repair or resole your shoes for you free of charge! This greatly reduces fast fashion and disposable consumption. 

- Fully transparent - How the shoes are made, the materials used and how they decide on the retail value of the shoes is all disclosed openly to their customers.

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