Who We Are

What is Nature Shop all about?

Nature Shop is an online retailer selling premium "nature inspired" brands and products that are kind to your body and kind to the environment.
We are a company with a conscience and are passionate about supporting brands with strong ethical and environmental values. 

Nature Shop is committed to making a positive difference to the world, with a specific focus on preservation of the natural environment and giving back to those communities who need it.  We are conscious we live in a world of plenty for some and a world of not enough for others and it is our vision to sell products that are produced with environmental and social responsibility in mind.  The impact of mass produced, low quality clothing and footwear on our precious environment and communities is immense and we hope to encourage people to be more conscious of where their products come from and the effect of their production.

We believe positive actions, no matter how big or small, towards respecting our planet and all its inhabitants can make a difference and we hope our small actions will contribute to making our world a better place.

Nature Shop specialise in unique, high quality, nature inspired and predominantly natural fibre clothing and footwear for the outdoor and active lifestyles.
We believe in quality and style, and products that are not only here for today, but also here for tomorrow.   We believe in traceability and visibility and stock brands that offer us the chance to see where and how their products are made.

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Nature Shop HQ and Warehouse is situated in Worthing, West Sussex in the United Kingdom.
Nature Shop is entirely UK Owned and Operated and we are proud to be fully supporting the UK economy, with all our customer support carried out in the UK as well as all shipping is tracked and dispatched from here.

Why Shop with us?

FAMILY RUN - Nature Shop is a family owned, small and independent online retailer and we love what we do.

UK OWNED AND OPERATED - We are UK owned and operated, contributing directly to the UK economy and helping to rebuild our local and national economies.

PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - We pride ourselves on giving excellent, 'personal' customer service to our treasured customers. Whether you contact us by phone, email or our online contact form, we strive to get back to you straight away with what ever you may need. 

COMPANY WITH A CONSCIENCE - Nature Shop is a company with a conscience and environmental and social responsibility is what drives us!

BELIEVING IN WHAT WE DO - Before stocking a brand we learn everything about them and we always try out the products. This ensures that not only do all the brands we stock fit in with our company beliefs 100%, but we also have an extensive knowledge of all the products we have in the warehouse.

EXCELLENT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - Our customers are vitally important to us and we will not treat you like a number. We do everything we can to ensure shopping with Nature Shop is enjoyable and satisfying from the ease of navigating our website, our stress free exchanges, to listening and helping you make decisions when you call. 

REWARDING OUR CUSTOMERS -Although we aim not to be a discount store, we will always try to offer our customers the most competitive prices and discounts where we can. We also regularly offer competitions and rewards via our Facebook and Twitter

NICHE IN THE MARKET - We are a niche retailer with the goal of being 'The UK's best one stop shop for top quality, ethically made and sustainable, outdoor and leisurewear!'

STRIVING TO BE DIFFERENT - We don't want to follow in our competitors footsteps, but want to stand alone and stand out with our products, our brands, our values and our customer service.

PASSIONATE - Life is too short and too fast these days. so slow down and enjoy what you do. Everyone here at Nature Shop is passionate about what they do and our aim as a company. We hope this is portrayed in our ethics and service to our customers.

We are always keen to hear your opinions, good or bad, it helps us get better at what we are trying to achieve and ,sometimes along the way, allows us to pat ourselves on the back.  Please contact us at contact@natureshop.co.uk with any feedback.


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