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Icebreaker Merino Clothing

Nature Shop are stockists of a wide range of merino wool clothing from Icebreaker. 
Icebreaker produce a fantastic range of performance merino sportswear, active wear and a range of premium merino fashion styles. Merino wool provides you with superb temperature regulation and breathability whilst being silky soft against your skin and odour resistant. Here at Nature Shop we love Icebreaker Merino Clothing! All Icebreaker merino garments are made from pure New Zealand Merino Wool from the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand.

Why wear Merino?

Historically traditional wool has always been warm, but unfortunately it is often thick, heavy and itchy. Synthetics and artificial fibres are lightweight, easy to care for and usually non-itch, but unfortunately they are often poorly insulating, sticky, stinky and highly flammable. Cotton is a gorgeous natural fibre, light and easy to care for, but not always the warmest fabric for the wet, outdoors or for performance sport. Merino Wool is the perfect fibre for comfort and performance - invented by nature and engineered for people.

  • It's comfortably soft and non-itch.
  • It's thin natural fibres make it warm in the cold and cool in the heat.
  • It's light and breathable to prevent clamminess.
  • It's easy to care for, quick drying and perfect for travelling.
  • It has a miraculous ability to warn off smell, so perfect for active wear.
  • It's renewable and biodegradable, which means it is kind on our planet.

Read about how to Care for your Merino clothing.

Icebreaker Environmental Credentials

Icebreaker have made a genuine commitment to sustainability, and environmental and social responsibility.
It helps of course that their products are made from natural materials but their commitment certainly doesn't end there.

Icebreaker show visibility throughout all stages of their production. Every piece of clothing they produce has a unique Baacode and can be traced back throughout its manufacturing process, right back to the farm where the merino wool was sourced.

Nature Shop loves this Baacode capability and it proves to us how passionate and serious Icebreaker are to be a company with a conscience.

Every step of their manufacturing process, whether it be the company who washes the merino wool in France, the company who spins the fibre in Germany or the company who dyes and sews the clothes in Shanghai, are all companies working with environmental and social responsibility in mind.

The company in Shanghai work under strict guidelines that guarantee fair pay and working conditions for all employees. They also adhere to an in-depth environmental program, designed to minimise waste and pollution and reduce their carbon footprint.  This includes having their own water recycling plant where they recycle and purify the water they use in the dying process, this to reduce their impact on the environment. They are part of an environmental assurance program and comply with Oeko-Tex environmental standards for textiles manufacturing.

Merino fibre is renewable and biodegradable and Icebreaker exclusively use environmentally friendly packaging for all their items, including biodegradable plastic bags and cardboard boxes suitable for recycling.

Icebreaker Animal Welfare

Icebreaker are committed to maintaining high animal welfare standards.

Their agreements with their high country farmers stipulate that at minimum they must provide their stock with the following:


  • Freedom from thirst and hunger.
  • Provision of appropriate shelter.
  • Prevention (or rapid treatment) of disease, injury or parasite infection.
  • Freedom from distress and the ability to roam freely.
  • All of the merino wool used in Icebreaker clothing is sourced from sheep that have not been “mulesed”.
  • Sheep dogs also have a high standard of care.



Many of the sheep stations that 'grow' the merino wool have been doing so for over a hundred years! And many are farms that have been in the family for generations. Some farms still use the old-fashioned way to shear the sheep - by blade shearers, which leaves the sheep with more wool for protection against the ice and snow.


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