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Howies is a small clothing company based in Cardigan Bay, Wales that make Men and Women's clothing for sports, the outdoors, and for everyday wear. 

They are a bunch of like minded sports fanatics and produce great, high quality clothing for a variety of sporting disciplines as well as clothing for day to day wear.

Their clothes are comfortable, well made and with great graphics and art work! They hand print all their products in the 'Howies Printshop', which we think is great and gives us the reassurance that each item has been carefully and meticulously printed by their 'Printshop Man!'

Howies are conscious of the environment and the communities where their products are made and believe in using sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing processes.
All the factories in their supply chain adhere to the high standards of ethical manufacturing and use certified organic fibres that have been certified by the strict GOTS Standard.

They believe in making their products in a low impact way and making high quality clothing that lasts! 
We love their organic cotton T-shirts which are not only ECO friendly but also incredibly stylish and on-trend.  
Howies fit well with our vision here at Nature Shop and we love the ethics behind the production of their clothing. They give the customer full view of exactly where the clothing comes from and the factories it is made in.

"We make the highest quality, lowest impact clothing we can, for the sports we love doing and for our day to day lives. That's our thing".
That's what we love about Howies and of course their fantastic and unique products! We hope you like them as much as we do.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Howies organic cotton clothing carries the GOTS certification. 
This is a strict international certification for the entire textile supply chain; from harvesting the fibre, to manufacturing the product and distribution of the final item.
GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria right throughout the supply chain and production process.
It has very strict criteria and ensures clothing that states it is organic, is in fact certified organic. The certification also ensures that the standard in which the items are manufactured are at a high standard in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

Criteria of GOTS

The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from certified organic natural fibres.
There are strict Fibre Production standards, Environmental Criteria, Technical Quality and Human Toxicity Criteria and Social Criteria to be met to become GOTS certified.
Therefore if you purchase a GOTS certified product, you know from the farm where the fibre is grown or reared, to the processing of the fibre, to the manufacturing of the entire product (dyeing, labelling and printing including) and the packaging and distribution of the product, your item has been done so at a high, environmental, social and ethical level.


Organic Cotton  

Conventional (non-organic) Cotton has a huge impact on our environment, it is one of world's largest crops to be cultivated and accounts for a whopping 16% of the world's pesticide use! This is more chemicals per unit area used than any other crop! Cotton grown organically, has a much less negative impact on our environment. It is grown without harmful synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, which means not only is it safer for us to wear, but so much kinder to our environment. Growing cotton organically is nurturing and preserving our environment, creating a cleaner and healthier product for all involved.  Read more about Organic Cotton here.


Recycled and Recyclable Fabric

When Howies use man-made fabrics for their products, they try their hardest to source and use recycled or recyclable fabrics whenever possible.  
This helps lower the impact of the production.  Recycling the fabric, keeps that fabric in the production loop, so as not have to start the whole process again and causing effect on the environment.  Using fabric that can be recycled enables that product to have a longer life as it can be turned into something new after its first (or second, or third....) cycle.  
Although, man-made, these recycled and recyclable fabrics can be considered sustainable as using this production method causes them to be rejuvenated into something else.......causing less impact on our wonderful environment and everyone wins!





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