Green Products

All of the brands and products that we sell at Nature Shop have strong "environmental and sustainable" credentials. 
They all operate their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner and many of them go far above and beyond.
Our products include "nature inspired" clothing and footwear that include Icebreaker clothing, Bearpaw sheepskin boots and Snugs sheepskin slippers.

Nature Shop offer customers 'premium quality' and 'ethically sourced' products to suit the outdoors and active lifestyles.
We don't want to offer mass produced, low quality, throw away products that have saturated all the stores.
We do want to offer products that are unique and stylish and that have been produced with a story behind them.
Products that are not just here for today but products that last and that are here for tomorrow.

At Nature Shop we are proud of 'our' story and the ethics and morals behind our company.
We are proud of the brands we sell and proud of the difference we are all making to our world.

We are authorised sellers of all of the brands of products that we sell and we are happy to provide you with details to verify this. 

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