Flip Flops




Here at Nature Shop we're huge fans of the Flip Flop! Perfect for the beach, for summery days out and even for wearing around the office!

In our Flip Flop collection we have great styles by brands Reef and Gandys. 

If it's a Leather Flip Flop you are looking for, then look no further!  Our Reef range of Flip Flops are made from gorgeous soft leather, which makes them super comfortable to wear all day long. They look great on holiday, travelling, exploring a new city, at the beach or in the bar. We have some great styles and colours to suit all Flip Flop tastes.

If you are looking for a more casual Flip Flop, then Gandys have you covered.  We love these natural rubber Flip Flops and especially love the unique rope strap, which makes these Flip Flops stand out from the crowd.  Team this with the cool colours and patterns available and you have yourself a very cool pair of comfortable Flip Flops!

Please contact us if you have any Flip Flop questions.........all of us here at Nature Shop are Flip Flop mad and will be wearing them all summer long!

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