What is a Discount Code?

Discount codes give you the chance to save money when you shop with us. To take advantage of these special offers you must add the relevant items (correct quantity and type if applicable) to your cart, enter the discount code and click the 'APPLY' button.

How do I receive Discount Codes?

We periodically send newsletters to our customers which will include information of any special offers we are currently running and the associated discount code. We will also run banner campaigns on the site, specifying the discount code to use.

Are there different types of Discount Code?

Yes! There are many different types of discount codes.

  • Lifespan: Some discount codes can be used again and again, others can only be used once. Certain discount codes will also have an expiry date, so be sure to take advantage before they run out.
  • Type of discount: We also have two types of discount codes; one deducts from the RRP of products, the other deducts from the “Our Price” where products are already reduced.
  • Who can use them: Some discount codes are private and will be sent to individual customers, others are for anyone to use.

Whenever we provide a discount code we will give full details of the type of discount code it is, to avoid confusion, but if you are unsure please contact customer support who will be happy to help.

Are there any restrictions?

We’re afraid there are. Discount codes cannot be combined (one per order only).

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