Didriksons Heat Level Chart


The Heat Level stands for the garments ability to protect you against low temperatures.  A high level number has a better ability to isolate the heat and keep you body warm than a low level number.  What effects the level is the garments insulation volume, if its waterproof and/or windproof and how much of your body the garment covers. 


Heat level aspects and their heat levels

Heat Level Aspects:        
High Loft padding >180 g/m2 main padding              
>180 g/m2 main padding                
>140 g/m2 main padding                
>100 g/m2 main padding                
Brushed inside (>400 g fabric weight)
>60 g/m2 main padding
Brushed inside
[1] Waterproof (all seams taped/welded)
Full body cover
Waterproof (fabric only)
Knitted inside
Brushed bounded tricot
3/4 Length body cover
Net/Taffeta Lining
[2] Bounded tricot inside
[3] Full upper body cover
Full lower body cover (pants)
[4] Windproof
Heat level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Example that shows how to count a heat level

  • [1] Waterproof (all seams taped/welded) (Heat Level 3)
  • [2] Bounded tricot inside (Heat Level 1)
  • [3] Full upper body cover (Heat Level 1)
  • [4] Windproof (Heat Level 1)
  • The total sum you get if you add together all the heats levels equivalents heat Level 6.


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