Didriksons Breathable Level Chart

The Breathable Level is achieved using waterproof and breathable fabrics.  If a garment is using waterproof and breathable fabric but the seams are not sealed, this will result in a higher Level number than if if would have had sealed seams, as the seams will let air pass through.  The other factor is the ability a waterproof fabric allows moisture vapour to be transported from the side of the fabric to the outside.  The Level number indicates how many kilograms that will pass through 1m2 (1 x metre squared) during 24 hours.  The breathability can be measured in many different testing methods.  At Didriksons, they use the one called ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD.  It's important to also look at the garments Function Level when you are looking for a garment to be used when you are active, for ventilation etc, as this can help you to keep a good micro climate inside your protective shell.


Breathable level   
  • Exposed parts waterproof fabric  (no seams sealed)

  • Waterproof fabric   (no seams sealed)

  • 100% waterproof  (all seams sealed)


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