Didriksons 1913 Guides & Information.

Level Guide

For a quick and easy overview Didriksons' garments are categorized in four different levels.

Dry Level: The Dry level communicates the water column of the waterproof fabric and is only used in fully seam sealed storm system garments. The   Dry Level number is expressed in meters of water pressure the fabric can resist.  Read more here....


Heat Level: The Heat level stands for the garments ability to protect you against low temperatures. A high level number has a better ability to isolate the heat and keep your body warm than a low level number. What effects the level is the garments isolation volume, if it's waterproof and/or windproof and how much of your body the garment covers.  Read more here....


Function Level: The higher the function level the more features the garment has.  Read more here.....


Breathable Level: The Breathable level is achieved using waterproof and breathable fabrics. If a garment is using waterproof and breathable fabrics but seams are not sealed this will result in a higher level number than if it would have had sealed seams as the seams will let air pass through. The other factor is the ability for a waterproof fabric to allow moisture to be transported from the inside of the fabric to the outside. The Level number indicated how many kilograms that will pass through 1 m2 during 24 hours.  Read more here....


System Guide

Didriksons' garments are divided into four different groups or 'systems'. Each garment system has its own specific properties.


 All products marked with the Storm System label are specially developed for particularly harsh weather. Their shell fabrics are fully waterproof and all seams are sealed by tape and/or welding. The Storm System products are designed for protection and keeping you dry and warm during all weather conditions. 


 All products marked with the Breeze System label are windproof. The fabrics used for these products are either windproof and waterproof combined, or windproof only. No seams are sealed. This produces highly breathable and comfortable garments well suited for most weather conditions. 


 All products marked with the Thermal System label will help your body maintain the right temperature. In harsh weather they are preferably worn together with a protective shell that helps insulate the body heat. The Thermal System garment is soft, comfortable and will keep you warm on a very cold day. 


 All products marked with the MO:VE System label will help keep your body cool, dry and comfortable. The Fabric consists of a special yarn structure that helps absorb your body perspiration and has a antimicrobial technology that eliminates odors. It rapidly transports perspiration and moisture to the fabric surface for quick evaporation.


Extend Size


To increase the life of their garments Didriksons created their 'Extend Size' system. This system involves a special inside seam in the arms and legs of children's items that can be opened to extend the garment by approximately one size. This means that the garment can actually grow at the same rate as the child, and in most cases, last over an entire season. 



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