Bluebuck Organic Cotton Underwear




"Life is one big adventure"

We're super excited to be stocking Bluebuck Men's Organic Cotton underwear. Designed for the man who loves getting outdoors and active, they definitely fit in with our Nature Shop beliefs!

Bluebuck's mission was to create beautifully crafted and ecologically sound underwear with a rugged, masculine sensibility.


Blue evokes the sky, the sea and the natural world - as well as being a colour connected to maleness.

The Buck and his antlers evokes raw masculinity. Bluebuck is for a man who combines the rugged and the natural, who has a keen sense of environmental responsibility aligned with a strong sense of himself.


Bluebuck underwear is 100% made in Europe; The fabric is cut and assembled in Portugal, the elastic waistband is made in Austria and the cotton labels come from Italy.

Bluebuck's entire manufacturing process is carefully thought out to reduce their impact on the environment. 

  • The top grade cotton used is organically grown so it doesn't use any synthetic fertilisers, insecticides or pesticides.
  •  All the cotton is picked by hand rather than using machinery
  • Their factories, based in Austria and Portugal, are largely powered by clean energy (from sun, wind and water). 50% of the electricity generated in Portugal and 70% of the electricity generated in in Austria come from renewable sources. 
  • When the underwear is ready to be delivered to suppliers it is moved by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than planes.


Bluebuck uses 95% Organic Cotton to ensure ultimate comfort against the skin and 5% elastane to help the underwear perform and keep its shape.

Traditionally most underwear brands use a 100% synthetic elastic waistband for underwear but Bluebuck have designed an exclusive waistband which contains 60% cotton, with cotton on both the outside and inside of the waist band for maximum comfort. The size and care labels inside the underwear are also made from cotton. 

Bluebuck, like Nature Shop, are completely against 'fast fashion' and so design their underwear to last, both in the quality of their materials and in their designs. With Bluebuck when they add a new item to their collection it will be a permanent addition rather than seasonal.

Check out their amazing range of briefs, trunks & boxers by clicking on the Bluebuck logo below: 

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