Bearpaw Sheepskin Boots


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Bearpaw Boots

Crafted to the highest quality, Bearpaw are focused on designing boots with a superb fit that are super comfortable, very warm and unlike many other companies - highly affordable. Sold worldwide, Bearpaw boots are an ideal choice for warm and comfortable footwear during the UK colder months.

Why wear Bearpaw?

Bearpaw boots are made from a soft cow suede outer with a genuine sheepskin lining that is silky smooth and luxuriously soft. The cow suede outer is 100% breathable and is more durable than twin faced sheepskin boots, making these boots an ideal choice for warm footwear that you can wear outdoors.

These top quality sheepskin boots are warm and super comfortable, they are durable for the outdoors and they come in great styles and colours.

How to care for your sheepskin boots.

Bearpaw Environmental Credentials

Bearpaw have created their own internal team called 'Greener Living'.
They have set expectations on their employees in regards to recycling and emphasize responsibility in energy use throughout their offices and homes. 
They have created a mandate and set of objectives to strive to be an industry innovator on environmental issues and to commit to environmentally friendly ways for production and packaging. 
They inspire and educate their employees and companies within their supply chain to reduce, recycle and reuse within the work place and processes. 
Bearpaw are proud to work with suppliers who share their vision and have committed to continually improve their environmental policies.

Bearpaw  feels as a business they have a distinctive responsibility to act as stewards of the environment and the surrounding communities. It is imperative to them that they contribute towards the preservation and restoration of our natural world.

They share a passion for sustaining the environment so that the actions they take now will not compromise future generations and believe it is the responsibility of every company to take the appropriate steps toward creating less waste and to improve their manufacturing processes. 

They have set themselves specific objectives towards sustainability.

These objective are:

  • To strive to be an industry innovator on environmental issues.
  • To motivate their suppliers and customers to share in their vision.
  • To commit to environmentally friendly ways to produce and package their products.
  • To educate and inspire their employees.
  • To reduce, reuse and recycle within their workplace.

Bearpaw are a company with conscience and see the importance of preserving our environment for future generations for them to enjoy.  

At Nature Shop we think that is great and we love the ethics of Bearpaw as well as their amazing sheepskin boots.  



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