Men's Thermal Base Layers

A collection of Men's merino wool base layers from brands BrubeckIcebreaker and Mons Royale
Made from merino wool these thermals will keep you at the perfect temperature as it's thin natural fibres will keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat! Merino wool is also breathable, odor resistant and wicks sweat away from the body meaning it's the perfect fibre for both everyday thermals and baselayers for high intensity exercise like skiing. 
The higher the weight of the garment (in gm) the warmer the garment will be so you can either stick to the lighter weight items and layer up when needed or go for a heavier weight and wear alone. 


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Brubeck Men's Seamless Merino Wool Long Sleeve Top
Brubeck Men's Seamless Merino Wool Short Sleeve Top


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