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Icebreaker COOL-LITE™

Travel and hiking in the heat will be a breeze with Icebreaker’s latest collection of summer tops made from premium natural fibres.

For Spring/Summer Icebreaker keeps travellers and hikers cool with an innovative new fabric combining the performance benefits of the world’s best merino wool and Tencel®, a fibre made from sustainably-produced wood.

Merino regulates temperature, breathes to prevent overheating, dries fast and resists odour for days, cutting down on laundry. Tencel® has a high natural moisture content that keeps the body cool in the heat on even the longest treks, while its exceptional wicking abilities absorb sweat fast for comfort. The fabric also has a touch of nylon for extra strength.

Icebreaker has used its new Icebreaker Cool-Lite™ fabric to create a range of lightweight summer tops, tanks, hoodies and wraps.

Vice President of Product Mark Koppes says Icebreaker merino has always been a favourite for travellers and hikers because of its thin, lightweight layers and its ability to regulate temperature depending on the climate and conditions.  “Adding Tencel® to merino increases the cooling and drying properties, creating a garment that’s perfect for the heat,” he says.

“There’s nothing better to wear against your skin this summer, whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or exploring a new city.”

Icebreaker COOL-LITE™ combines two natural fibres - merino wool and TENCEL®, a fibre made from sustainably-produced plants.


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Icebreaker Women's Merino & Tencel Spheria SS Scoop

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