Merino Wool and outdoor activities

With merino wool being described as "Nature's Air-con" it is quickly becoming the top fabric choice for outdoor activities. This is due to its amazing ability to regulate the wearer's body temperature to stay at the optimal level even when working out or taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking. In order to do this the clever fibre takes in factors such as body temperature and external conditions.

As well as keeping you cool in the heat, merino wicks moisture away from the skin and into the atmosphere to keep you dry, this combined with the lanolin in the wool means that odour molecules are absorbed and your clothing is kept odour free. Perfect for if you're going to be out on the trails for a few days at a time! It is also quick drying and has a UV factor of between 30 and 50 UVP, adding a layer of protection against harmful rays.

Due to the rising popularity of merino wool for outdoor activities, top brands Icebreaker, Mons Royale and Brubeck have started adding clever features to their clothing such as merino mesh backs for added breathability, integrated sunglass wipes and droptails for added coverage. These brands have also started designing collections with different sports and activities in mind. Mons Royale in particular have a range designed specifically for mountain biking after their sales skyrocketed to the cycling and mountain biking communities.

As well as activity based ranges, these brands have also created ultra lightweight collections for summer wear and the outdoors which mixes casual styling with a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus tencel.

British Mountaineer and adventurer Holly Budge highly recommends merino wool clothing for outdoor activities and has confirmed that she'll be wearing merino for her upcoming expeditions!

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