Essential camping clothes for 2018

There's nothing quite like sleeping out in Nature, especially when the weather is right, but to fully enjoy your trip you need to make sure you have all the essential camping clothes

For daytime you'll want some multi-functional clothing that will be perfect for all the activities you'll be taking part in. Merino Wool clothing is great as it is temperature regulating (meaning you'll be kept cool when its hot and warm when its cold) or check out Patagonia clothing which combines funky designs with organic or recycled materials. Make sure you also take a sweater or hoodie to throw over if you get cold

Comfortable footwear is essential if you're going to be exploring outside of the campsite. Keen footwear do a great range of walking sandals, shoes and hiking boots. For around the campsite a pair of flip flops or wellies are great for easily shoving on

If rain is expected be sure to pack a jacket, a warmer coat is great for doubling up as a blanket for extra warmth at night, or pack a lightweight jacket which will fit in your backpack for day trips

Pack spare underwear, socks and extra clothing in case you get rained on

At night take some comfortable pyjamas/sleepwear (you don't want anything revealing in case you have to pop out for a wee!) For colder months we'd recommend a baselayer to wear underneath your pyjamas which will keep you nice and warm

For easy transport pack your clothes in a backpack so you've got one less thing for your arms to carry. If you're going to be taking day trips away from camp then a smaller backpack or tote bag to keep your essentials and water is recommended

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